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Qatar is a country which is located in Western Asia or what is referred to as the Middle East. It is surrounded by the Persian Gulf Ocean on almost all sides.   

It has a tiny land area of 11,581 Kilometre square and an equally small population of around 26 lakhs. However irrespective of size, it is one of the most economically advanced and prosperous countries in the world and has the highest per capita GDP income. It ranks very high on all counts of human development indices and is considered as the most advanced state in the Arab region.   

Qatar is a Petroleum rich country and has the world's third-highest reserve of oil and Natural Gas. Due to its economic pre-eminence, it has the stamp of a growing power status both within the Arab world and outside. The country will be the host of the upcoming 2022 FIFA world cup football tournament.

On account of its powerhouse economy, Qatar has a huge expatriate population. The world-famous global Media Group AL Jazeera is headquartered out of Qatar.

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Things to do in Qatar

  • Tourist Attractions
  • Museum of Islamic Art located in Doha has been constructed in an artificial peninsula in the Dhow harbor. This is one of the most stunning architectures where the design is a mix of Islamic and modern sensibilities.
  • Pearl Qatar is an artificial island located in the Bay Lagoon area of Doha and is spread over 4 kilometers. It is an area where foreign nationals can own property. A plethora of posh restaurants serving cuisine of various countries and an equal number of cafés is another specialty of this area.
  • Souq Waqif – The Arabic name for the marketplace is known as Souq and this a famous marketplace in Doha known for its souvenirs, handicrafts, garments, spices. It is the place where most of the tourist flocks to buy traditional items. Other attractions include a wrestling show featuring WWE wrestlers and a pet shop area.
  • Doha Corniche – This is a water promenade built on the Doha Bay which is seven kilometers long and it is a spot where national events, holidays and gatherings happen.
  • Katara Cultural Village – A recreation area to visit along with family and friends. It features shops, theatres, café's, restaurants, convention center, museum, and beach.
  • Aspire, Park – Spread over 88 acres, this is a perfect recreational park which has something of fun and relaxation for all ages. It is an ideal spot for picnics, children’s play, dinners, etc. In the night hours, the Aspire Towers give a Majestic look.


  • Must try cuisines

The Machboos is spicy rice dishes normally mixed with meat or seafood and then served. The Harees is made of ground wheat, butter, and meat. It is served during Ramzan.  The Thared is a traditional stew made from vegetables, meat with bread soaked at the bottom. The Balaalet is a snack dish of fried vermicelli noodles. In desserts, Luqaumat is popular and this is basically deep-fried dough dipped in honey.

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  • Nightlife

Qatar being a country of expats and receiving regular visitors from different parts of the country has its own facilities for after hour's relaxations. Doha has pups, bars, discotheques, and nightclubs. There are luxury hotels also having their own bars and joints like the Admiral club at Ritz Carlton. Some of the late night bars have DJ's and Belly dancers. Some other names include the Crystal Lounge, Black orchid, Illusion.

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